Monday, October 15, 2007

THE War has begun!

In case you haven't been watching the news, I thought I would update you on the latest war that began on Friday 10/12/2007. Yes, you heard me right a war broke all over the world. There is 167 people involved in this war, but the number of casualties have already begun to add up. The war I'm speaking of is Sockwars, of course! We got our dossier on friday evening. So, 167 of us already armed with weapons (knitting needles) and ammo (yarn) started and went as fast as we could to get a very beautiful pair of socks knitted. On sunday we had our first casualty, but the war kept going.

I knitted as fast as I have every done with my addie turbos - the best weapon for socks - even knitting in restaurants, in church, and in bed to all hours of the night to get my pair finished. I got them done at 11:00pm last night, turned out the lights, slide under the covers and tried to sleep knowing I had to go to work this morning. At 6:00 when the clock went off, I ran to the living room to turn the computer on, to print my express mail label with postage, put the socks and yarn label in an envelope and rushed to get dressed for work. On the way to work I dropped my envelope into the express mail box. My target (Stephane in NH) will be dead (only in the sense of sockwars) no later than 3:00pm on tuesday. Now I have to hide in my fox hole hoping that my assassin has not been as speedy as I. Rumor has it that she out to do me in very soon. Maybe I could just not be around when the mailman delivers the I guess that won't work, I'll have to come up with another idea, maybe leave the country in disquise with a false passport.

None the less, the battle continues. I'll keep you posted on my life and death adventure through this war - SOCKWARS - that is!!

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Knit'inCrazee.... said...

Sounds interestine.. If you get a chance email me with the details!