Sunday, October 21, 2007

On the crafting note!

Still in the middle of sock wars.....waiting for my next set of unfinished socks to arrive to forward on to the next target! Lots of fun. I have knitted so fast in my life!

I just finished one scarf for a coworker and started another one for someone else. While eating in a restaurant on Friday night someone else wanted one just like it, but in bright red. I think I am going to make one just like it for my scarf swap partner. I'll have to go to the yarn shop to get a special color for her. The scarf knits up really fast, so it won't take long to get it done.

I made 6 pairs of wooden sock blockers today, that will be sold in a yarn shop. I will deliver them next Saturday, if not sooner. It is a neat way to make a little extra money to support my knitting I might even take a day off and go around to all the yarn shops around the Atlanta area to see who else might want to carry them. I am customizing them with the shop's logo. I am also going to sell them here on my blog.

I have also been encouraged to make a pattern calendar to sell. I will design 12 patterns, one for each month, print the photo of the item on the front of the page with the calendar month and then put the pattern on the back of the page. The printer is going to put them on card stock and bind them. The calendar won't be ready until next fall for 2009. It will be an awesome thing to work on. I already have three yarn shops that will carry the calendar. I already have three patterns ready and have started knitting the items to be photographed. This calendar will also be available on my blog as well. I am going to use yarns from several different companies to give some variety and show how the yarns knit up in patterns.

I took Ripley, Dottie and Emmie to Howloweenie on Saturday, we all had a blast and the dogs were so exhausted that they slept all the way home, ate their dinner and slept right on through the night. I entered Ripley in the Hunt in the Hay contest and he came in second. I also had all three doxies IQ tested. Ripley and Dottie scored 19 out of 20 points, but Emmie, being a baby only scored 14 out of 20. She couldn't quite get the idea that she had to turn the empty can over to get the treat out. It was a hoot. The even had doxie races for doxies in wheel chairs! They were so precious. It made me sad seeing these puppies that were paralyzed in their back legs. The owners said that the dogs lived as good a life and any other doxie did and made me wish that I hadn't put Rosie down. I know now that I could have learned to care for her and keep her with me even longer. I'm sitting her crying now, hoping that God will forgive me for not letting her keep on living. She was just the sweetest puppy in the world and had such a bad beginning in life. In the 18 months that we had her, we watched her blossom into a beautiful Rose (my Rosie). I'll always love her!

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Stephanie... said...

Deb: There's a pattern for a beginner scarf--Easy Peasy scarf-- that you are more than welcome to use on my blog for your calendar. ( It uses a combination of stitches, and the model that I knit (and will someday take a photo of) was made from Lamb's Pride worsted. It's a pattern I give to my students at the LYS--some of them have made it in Cascade 220 and others had used a nice worsted from Debbie Bliss. Good luck with everything (and kudso on your Halloween win); your new ventures sound like a ton of fun.