Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday 2/25 I

This has been a long, fast and busy month. I changed jobs at the end of last month, gee, it don't seem like it's been a month. I used to work as a medical assistant for a doc that is associated with DeKalb Medical Center in Decatur. The hospital is in Decatur, the office is in Lilburn. I left there five years ago to go work for DeKalb County Government, then while back in the doc's office with my hubby for an appointment, they ask me to come back to work to take of the I had to explain to my hubby later that that didn't mean to baby sit but to run the back office for them, as the other two ma's are very I told them to call me if they had an opening and two days later I get a call from the practice manger with a job offer. I said I would think about it because it was a cut in pay.

The next day at work was horrible and I cried all day because I was mad, so that gave me my answer. As soon as the hopsital got their paperwork together I turned in my two week notice and left. Now, my feet, legs and back hurts every day when I come home. How smart was I to give up a sit down job to take one that has me running all day at my age. Being 48, soon to be 49 in July, doesn't seem that old until you are running all But, I really do love being in the medical field. I love working with people and helping them to feel better. So, I guess it is worth it. I have lost 15 pounds this month, so I hope the pounds keep falling off with every step I make.

I am knitting all the time I'm not at work, I take my knitting with me everywhere I go. I'm working on an entrelac scarf in blue cashmere blend yarn, a booga bag, and a sleeveless sweater. I just finished a tote for my ITEIII partner, just gotta add the handles and charms and then try to figure out what to buy her for her extra goodies. I know I'm going to go by the bath and body works store. What girl doesn't like a few pampering goodies and then maybe by the christian book store to look for a neat planner, since she is going back to school in March and might need a little help with organization.

I just took a sock class and knitted a baby is so cute. I will post a photo later. My computer crashed last weekend, so I don't have any photo editing software on the new computer to be able to downsize the photos. I hate having to buy new software, as the software on the old laptop was given to me and I don't have the original copies......ugh. I think I will just buy the photoshop elements this time, it's only about $100.00 and the photoshop cs2 is about $800.00. Big difference!

I have enough sock yarn to knit 10 pairs of adult socks, but need to finish the scarf first before I start a pair of socks. I also promised my mom that I would knit her the Northern Lights sweater in one of the back issues of Interweave Knits magazine. I have all of the yarn, a whole garbage bag full, but haven't started on it yet either. I need about 24 more hours in a, or not to have to work.

The dogs are driving me crazy, they have decided to start getting up and roaming the house all night long, keeping me awake. Tonight I heard Dottie crunching on something and it was my bluetooth headset for my phone. I screamed at her and threw her in her crate. I told my hubby all four of them were sleeping in their crates at night now, so I could get more sleep. They will probably whine some and I'll have to get up and scold them to make them be quiet again, but I'm not having them roaming the house all night. Star, my big horse dog, got my entrelac scarf bag down last night and tore the bag that it was in. I had it in one of those "It's in the bag" bags. It has a handle on it, with a hole in the top to run your yarn out through. She tore the handle off and a hole in the plastic. She is 12 years old and I swear she is senile. When I got the new computer last weekend, I woke up to her tearing up the cardboard box in the kitchen floor. Why? Don't make any sense to me at all. Except that she is stupid. Dottie has also torn up two pairs of shoes in the last week. It has just not been a good time for me.

Now I have to take my old laptop that crashed, to the Geek Squad and let them retrieve all the files off the hard drive. I have tons of photos and knitting patterns on there that I do not want to loose. Being a hobby photographer, I should have put the photos on cds, but no, I couldn't be that smart. I did get a coupon from Best Buy for 10% off of an external hard drive, so you know what my next hardware purchase will