Sunday, September 23, 2007

A super great weekend

This has been a great weekend for everyone in the house almost! Yesterday Cathy and I got our nails done, then off to the yarn shop. She needed yarn for a purse for a felted bag swap and I needed yarn for some socks that I am designing. While at the yarn shop a customer was asking questions about sock knitting and got around to discussing doing two on two needles. So, in the end Cathy agreed to teach a class in two weeks and I get to help her. We both will get paid for the class and I hope I can get some yarn to do the purse I want to design for next summer.

Then it was off to meet Chuck, Jason and the two youngest grandsons at Discover Mills Mall. We met them in the food court for lunch. Chuck had gyros, Cathy and I had Popeyes Chicken----very good-----we

Today, we went to Church and then out to lunch at Red Lobster for all you can eat shrimp----now that was very good! Before we could even get out of the resturant, Cathy and I both were in the bathroom and then again after getting home. We came in the house, Cathy went to her room, Chuck sat on the sofa and I layed down on the sofa with a wet wash clothe. Chuck felt fine, but I finally went and layed down in the bed to nurse my wash clothe and did go to sleep. After getting up, I found out that Cathy was feeling the same way I was. We thought about what we had eaten and figured that it had to be the chicken from the day before. We won't be eating at Popeyes any time

Tomorrow, Chuck has his indeepth memory testing, an all day test. If he makes it through the entire test, we will be there from 9 - 5. I get to go back with him for the beginning to answer some questions, then I'll be banned from the testing area. I am taking a project that I am test kniting for a designer and some socks just in case I finish with the first project. I am going to surf the library site tonight to download a really good book, to listen to while knitting.

Keep Chuck in your prayers tomorrow as he is nervous about this testing. He still has it in the back of his head that they might find something terrible and put him away somewhere away from me. I keep telling him that won't happen, but in his state of confusion he still forgets.

Cathy flies tomorrow, so she will be missed greatly. We have become a little family here.

Then, next saturday, Chuck's brother will be coming down from Indy with his youngest daughter Shelly. I have taken the week off---much needed time---and we are going to Stone Mountain, The Coca Cola Museum and The Georgia Aquarium. Cathy leaves on Saturday, but will be home in time to go to the Aquarium with us. She still wants to go to Stone Mountain and the Coke Museum, but we will just have to schedule them for another time when she is home.

I am going to show Shelly how to make Mama Dot's Hot Gravey while she is here. Chuck's mom made this awesome gravey. I am the only one that has the recipe and knows how to make it. So, I am going to teach Shelly how to make it so that the recipe will keep going strong. It is so simple, but it's one of those that you have to smell of it to know that it is ready to eat. So, on sunday we will have roast beef, hot gravey, potato salad, homemade biscuits and some fresh green beans, maybe even some deviled eggs. So, come on over, there will be plenty, as I don't know how to cook for a small group, only for armys of people.


Knit'inCrazee.... said...

Deb I hope everything went well on MOnday.

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