Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My Virtual Vacation package arrived from California

My package came from Natalie! She put together an awesome package and from a place that I have never been before. She did a great job describing the area and included some neat goodies from around her along with some post cards and maps. In the box was also some note pads, four bars of chocolate, some California Pistachio Nuts, some Country Herb Almonds, some stitch markers that she made, some Cascade Pastaza yarn - 50% Llama/50% Wool - it's beautiful, now to find something to knit and felt with it, two skeins of Panda Wool sock yarn in Ultramarine----very beautiful----had to keep Cathy away from it. She stole me magenta Panda Wool, although she did replace it with another wonderful color...lol.

But back to my package, there was also an insulated lunch bag with sheep all over it---how perfect! Then there was a book, called Knitting for Peace. It has some history about war knitting times and talks about all the different causes that need help from knitters. There are lots of patterns to go along with the special causes with do's and don't's for each group. It is really neat.

Thank you Natalie for a wonderful tour of your part of California! It was very special!

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Jane said...

That was a great California vacation!