Tuesday, November 06, 2007

New Socks on thier way to the Czech Republic

Here is the very first pair of socks designed by Moi! They are a gift for the daughter-n-law of a very close friend. Jan saw me knitting in Church, yes I knit everywhere I go...lol, and asked if I would knit a pair for her daughter-n-law, Adrianne. Do you think I would turn down an opportunity like that? Nope! The pattern is called Adrianne's Life and is knitted in Louet's Gems yarn in French Blue on size 1 circ needles. They are 100% wool, but machine washable an dryable. Adrianne and Billy Crossan are missionaries in the Czech Republic, where it is extremely cold. They just moved into a new home and have made the choice not to wear shoes inside the house, so these socks will be perfect for her to wear inside or out.

I ran the pattern down the front only, leaving the back in stockinette stitch to blend from cuff through the heel and down. I also ran the pattern down into the toe decreases. I love the look of it.

There is a new pattern in the works for one of the sock groups I belong to. It is for the month of December and will be called "Blue Snow." I already have the chart made and the pattern written. I should get the yarn tomorrow, have my needles in my bag and will be anxious to get them started.


Mary Lynn said...


Those socks are great and I am sure your friend's DIL will love them. We don't wear shoes in our home either and wool socks are the best! You are a good friend.

Mary Lynn

Knit'inCrazee.... said...

Those socks are awesome! Will the pattern be for sale? I'd like to know where to purchase the yarn...

Keep up the creative work!

Breien in Lansingerland said...

I like the colour you chose for the socks :-)